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Two component spreader, batcher and mixer machine 3 pieces
Shotcrete spray machine 1 pieces
One component injector 3 pieces
Industrial vacuum cleaner 2 pieces
High-pressure washing-machine (hot-water) 1 pieces
High-pressure washing-machine (cold-water) 1 pieces
Wheel-blast equipment 11 pieces
Wheel-blast tank 7 pieces
Spraying machine 14 pieces
Industrial vacuum cleaner with dust-separator and tank,
suitable for applying recuperative technology
2 pieces
Industrial electric vacuum cleaner with dust-separator 1 pieces
Dust extractor 1 pieces
Mobile grain-cleaner machine 2 pieces
Grain-recleaner equipment with vacuum-cleaner 2 pieces
Silo to the mobile grain-cleaner machine 1 pieces
Compressor 8 pieces
Grain-blaster 5 pieces
Air-tank 2 pieces
Diesel-oil pool 1 pieces
Electric generator unit 2 pieces
Seam-inspecting devices, welding machines, equipments 3 pieces
High-speed cutting machine for foil insulation 1 pieces

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